Conical Refiner for Pulp Line Stock Preparing Equipment
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Conical Refiner for Pulp Line Stock Preparing Equipment

Refining is the back bone in stock preparation stage as well as paper making. Every paper mill is trying to adopt latest technology in refining.
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This is a modified conical refiner designed to enhance the bonding ability of fibers with a minimized freeness drop and minimum decrease if fiber length with low energy consumption and easy maintenance.

Conical grinding machine used in the pulping system,can be all kinds of pulp (including wood pulp, cotton pulp, pulp, etc.) for pulping, a expression of pulp (fans. Broom) and improve the clasp solution of the pulp. Of the finished paper with high resistance to tension, folding, and the stiffness of the porosity, etc., improve the quality of the paper.

1. Mainly used for continuous beating of wood pulp, mechanical pulp, cotton pulp, waste paper pulp, etc., to improve the pulp's tapping degree, and can be used in series with a double disc refiner.
2. This equipment has the advantages of long grinding zone, sufficient slurry processing, and strong fiber cutting ability.
3. The gap in the grinding zone is stable and the slurry quality is high.
4. The worm wheel and worm are electrically driven to advance and retreat, which is easy to operate.
5. The casing is lined with stainless steel to increase the service life.
6. Constant power control can be used, and the beating effect is stable.
7. The rotor and stator have various tooth shapes, and the raw materials are applicable to a wide range.

Working principle:

The pulp produces circumferential linear velocity and radial centrifugal force driven by the high-speed rotating rotor. Because the conical rotor makes the circumferential linear velocity and centrifugal force of the big end larger than that of the small end, the static pressure of the big end is smaller than that of the small end. 

In addition, under the "binding" and guidance of the axial fixed tooth pattern of the tapered shell, the pulp has a tendency to move from the small end to the large end. The power source for pulp movement in the cavity is dependent on the external pressure difference between the inlet and outlet pulp pipes and the guiding force in the grinding cavity. 

Once the slurry enters the grinding cavity, it will be beaten by the complicated mechanical force between the flying knife on the rotor surface and the bottom knife on the inner surface of the fixed cone grinding sleeve.

Product Parameters:
Model LZ-450 LZ-460 LZ-600 LZ-750
Big end of rotor dia
450 460 600 750
Consistency: (%) 3-5
Capacity (T/D) 20-60 30-150 50-250 80-400
Motor Power (kW) 110-132 160-315 355-500 450-900





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