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We are a China Based engineering company and machinery supplier committed to offer complate solution and provide high-cost-performance equipments related to stock preparation and paper-making industry.
For years,we have insisted on taking customer's value as our center and having strict quality-control and innovation in the whole process. Our products have reliable quality and superior performance and have been exported to Poland,Greece,Turkey,Iran,India,Packistan,Bangladesh,Thailand,Indonesia,Philippines,
Malaysia,Vietnam,Mexico,Guatemala,Costa Rica,Columbia,Egypt etc. We insisted on serve our customers with high quality products,sincere service and good reputation.We are appreciated for the long-term trust and favor from our customers.
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What People Say
Evaluation of blankets
I fully affirm Jiangsu Leizhan's paper making felts. When we received the felts and inspected it, the felts surface has good flatness, good flexibility, high strength, no felts marks. After use, we conducted an analysis, the water filtration is fast, the wear resistance and corrosion resistance are strong, and the life time of felts is more than half a year. Some performances are considered to match or even exceed imported paper making felts
The delivery speed of Jiangsu Leizhan is very fast, the attitude of the sales staff is excellent, and the service is very patient. We like the products and sales staff of Jiangsu Leizhan very much.
Evaluation of sieve plate
We are also a manufacturer of screen plates, but for some materials and sizes of screen plates, we cannot meet the requirements of our users. After that, we cooperated with Jiangsu Leizhan to solve these problems. Jiangsu Leizhan can produce screen plates of various materials and sizes, and screen plates with a diameter of more than 2 meters are fully capable of providing. After receiving the screen plate for the first time, we also measured the size and hardness of the product and were very satisfied. We submit the screen plate to our users, and the users are also very satisfied with the use effect.
Here, I would like to appreciate the sales staff and products of Jiangsu Leizhan. I believe that the future cooperation will be a long-term and stable cooperation.
Guide roller evaluation
I come from Indonesia Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), and I met Jiangsu Leizhan by a coincidence. At that time, I had a need to purchase 7 sets of guide rollers. Under the patient explanation and professional service of the sales staff of Jiangsu Leizhan, I made a bold attempt and ordered 3 sets of them. Jiangsu Leizhan shipped quickly, after receiving the product, we checked it, and the dimensions and technical specifications were exactly the same as our drawings. We quickly installed it on our paper machine to test the performance and we were very satisfied with the results. I think the quality and performance of Jiangsu Leizhan's guide rollers is not inferior to our existing suppliers - Andritz and Voith.




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