Paper Machine Ceramic Suction Box


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Paper Machine Ceramic Suction Box

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Paper Machine Ceramic Suction Box


Size: Customized

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The suction box dewatering is based on the suction effect of the vacuum pump, which generates a high pressure difference between the top and bottom of the paper to force the dewatering of the wet paper. It help to transfer the paper to the press section with a higher dryness.

In the jet-fixing process, the suction box is installed under each spunlace device. It adopts a vacuum suction type. The suction box sprays the water from the spunlace head on the supporting net curtain into the water vapor separator. After that, the air is discharged by the blower, and the water is sent to the filtering device by the pipeline through the pipeline. The moisture content of the web after water absorption can be reduced to 25% to 35%.

Product Features Of Our De-watering Elements


We use high precision processing, fine processing can effectively avoid the paper disease caused by the retention of fine fibers and the pulping phenomenon, and extend the service life of the forming fabric and felt.


Overall surface is flat, smooth and delicate. In the process of use, water film is generated between the fabric and the dewatering element, which improves the wear resistance, greatly reduces the driving energy consumption of the fabric and the felt, improves the service life and saves electricity.


High efficiency of dehydration, easy control of waterline, no instant dehydration positive and negative pressure pulse, avoid pulp topping, avoid the formation of paper in the dehydration process, reduce the difference between two sides of paper, greatly improve the evenness and smoothness of paper.


This product has a unique anticorrosion material, suitable for all kinds of dewatering environment.

We will be based on different paper machine and different types of paper ,supply strong applicability of the dehydration components to you.For you to create a high - grade paper conditions.

LEIZHAN Make Paper Machine Dewatering Element According Every Customers Using Require, adopt leading technology in producing modern paper making machinery and its complete processing capability. R&D, design and manufacture of components for medium and high speed paper machines suitable for speed over 800m/min, achieved the worldwide advanced technical level.





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