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Paper Spare Parts Water Jet

Pressure in 10kg/cm²(Max Pressure 1MPa), the product corrosion resistance, crack resistance, long service life, completely suitable for all kinds of copying any environment.Products include: standard air bag, heat - resistant air bag, super - heat - resistant air bag.It is mainly used in air bag type scraper clamp, conveying pressurized air, convenient to control the line pressure of scraper blade and roller surface, and buffer the vibration of scraper.Specification diameter 25mm/30mm/50mm.

Its complete stainless steel joints have been used for many years to fully prove that it is a better product in the paper industry. Good expansion capacity under low pressure, chemical resistance and high temperature resistance make this product a world leader in the field of vacuum roller pneumatic tires.Under the working conditions of high temperature and strong chemical corrosion, the high-quality pneumatic tire mainly composed of two parts can be used continuously.
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Showers are used in paper machine mainly cleaning purpose. It is also used for coating, moisturizing, lubricating, bleaching, edge trimming and other functions. All the section in paper machine needs shower. Wire cloth should be free from contaminants in order to keep sufficient open area for proper drainage, surface characteristics, to quality sheet marking and longer life. Press felts should also be cleaned for reduce paper web break and longer life. Moreover, dryer clothes should also be cleaned to keep their air permeability and prevent sheet streaking due to non-uniform drying.

There are different type of paper machine showers such as needle jet, brush type, auto brush, fan jet, spring purge, pipe in pipe, air purge etc. Spray nozzle is called the heart of shower.

Brush type shower:
Brush type shower can be manual system or automated system. This type of shower is perfect for use with recirculation systems or white water. Automatic Brush Shower used for lower forming fabric cleaning purpose on paper machine. An inside rotating wash set up scrubs the inner wall of the shower along with nozzle orifices to help mop trash apart. Depending on shower position different nozzles are chosen such as Needle Jet, Shower Jet, disc jet or hydraulic nozzles. Brushless shower is used for exactly where nozzle clogging will be less likely or fresh water systems.

Pipe in pipe shower:
This type of shower use while the shower, feed tubes or nozzles need safety from the working environment and accidental damage. It may be used with automatic air atomizing spray nozzles or integrated strainers. Box-style shower are used during such a environments when starch spraying is required.

Air shower:
Air shower is suitable for dryer cloth. Dryer Screen or clothes may be contains dust, dirt, sticky particles. They block the open area or make it sticky. As a result, there are non-uniform drying, spot in paper web or more frequent web break. A usual, broken up air shower is best for cleaning dryer fabrics.

Needle Jet nozzles type shower:
Needle jet nozzles have solid stream high impact performance. They are suitable for forming fabric, wire, felt, suction rolls, edge cutting, cross cut, dandy roll inside cleaning, etc.
Self cleaning nozzle: This type of nozzles are suitable for high pressure washing of forming fabrics, felts, wire cloth rolls, showers with high solids content or suspended solids in the water, color doctor, and machinery requiring washing by white liquor spray.
Straight jet nozzle: Straight jet nozzles are suitable for trimming shower spray, trim knock off shower, high pressure washing of forming fabrics, felts, and dandy roll outside cleaning.
Another used paper machine shower nozzles are Shower Jet nozzles, Vee jet nozzles, Flood jet nozzles, Flat jet nozzles, Whirl jet nozzles etc.





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