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Seam Felt

Paper making felt can be divided into three types: wet press felt, pick up felt and dryer felt according to the uses. Paper making felt possess good air permeability, mark-less, heat resistance, wet resistance, anti-aging, structure stability, anti-worn out, dimensional stability, excellent tensile strength, high linear pressure, easy to operate, long life performance
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  • LZFELT-04

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Product Description:

The seam felt is our high technology requirement felt, which is very populer in the paper mills’ choices. The seam version has the most efficient twist level in the base fabric with mono loops in the engineered seam area. The endless design offers higher flexibility for easier installation, which makes the handling even safer.

Main Features:

A :safety

• Seamed device on the machine

• Needless to move any roller of the PM and fixed supporting device

• Avoiding the hidden danger under conventional operations

• Easier to clean than endless felt

• Stable dewatering structure, enlarging running lifetime

B :High efficiency

• The exchanging time of one piece felt can be controlled within 2 hours, which is much less than 4-6 hours of usual.

• Save labor force

• Rapidly reach the normal running status

• High cost-effective, decreasing cost for each ton paper

Technical Parameter:

Seam Felt

Felt series


Seam Felt

1+1 Layer with Single Seam type seam felt

Paper machine


2+2 Layer with Double seam type seam felt

Working speed


Paper kind

Aill kind of packing, culture, and pulp board





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