Paper Gram Weight Test
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Paper Gram Weight Test

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                                                                                                                     Paper Gram Weight Test

The weight of paper is usually expressed in two ways, one is quantitative and the other is called ream. Quantity is the weight of paper per unit area, expressed in grams per square meter, which is the basic basis for paper measurement. The basis weight of the paper is a minimum of 25 g/m⊃2; and a maximum of 250 g/m⊃2;. Quantitative is divided into absolute dry quantitative and air-dried quantitative. The former refers to the quantification in a state where it is completely dry and the moisture is equal to zero, and the latter refers to the quantification when the moisture balance is reached under a certain humidity. Quantitative usually refers to the latter. Quantitative determination should be carried out under standard temperature and humidity conditions (temperature 23 degrees up and down 1 degree; relative humidity 50 up and down 2%).

A ream of 500 identical sheets is called a ream, and the weight of a ream is called the ream weight of that kind of paper. Internationally, there are also 480 sheets or 1000 sheets as a ream. When dealing with foreign paper and using imported paper, special attention should be paid to this.

Ream weight is often used in the printing industry, and we say weight is the specified amount, that is, the number of grams per square meter of paper. Weight is a very important parameter of paper, and in terms of technology, weight is the basic condition for various performance qualifications (such as strength, opacity).

Test method: randomly select a whole sheet of paper, cut out at least five samples of 0.01cm2 uniformly in the transverse direction of the paper web, and weigh them with a balance with the corresponding graduation value. Adopt imported high-precision sensor, high accuracy, double overload protection, increase service life, automatic weight correction function, temperature linear compensation function, LCD liquid crystal display, triple backlight mode selection.




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