The solution for paper mills to avoid wire marks on dryer section--Spiral Screen Dryer Felt
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The solution for paper mills to avoid wire marks on dryer section--Spiral Screen Dryer Felt

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With the development of society and technological progress, people have higher and higher requirements for the appearance of paper, and most of the dryer sections of paper machines use ordinary dry felt or dry screen.

BUT:The surface of the ordinary dry felt is fine, but the air permeability is low; ⚡the air permeability of the dry screen is large, but it is easy to produce wire marks, especially to paper with higher paper surface requirements.

Don't worry, here is the solution for you, come and see now

Special dry felt, also known as spiral linked dry felt(SLDF), uses a special base mesh, layered on its front side, implanted with different fine denier high-temperature resistant imported fibers, and the meantime adds a certain proportion of special fibers.

It does not only have the fineness of the surface of ordinary dry felt but also has a good air permeability of the dry screen.

The imported staple fibers and felting needles are optimized. Based on the special production technology, ensure the uniformity of the wool net. The three-needle zone heavy-duty needling machine and multi-functional hot oil setting machine, Pre-compression processing, and other processes.


1.It has the characteristics of a smooth and fine felt surface, no wire marks on the paper surface, reasonable flocking ratio, tight and firm bonding between fibers, stable size, high air permeability, not easy to shed hair, wear resistance, anti-aging, and long service life.

2.The end special dry felt also has the characteristics of the flat and dense seam, high tensile strength seam, the basic spiral ring is fast connected, convenient installation, time-saving and safe, greatly reducing labor intensity, and improving start-up efficiency.

Scope of application:

Mainly used in the dryer section of medium and high-speed paper machines, used in the cylinder assembly after the press section and sizer, or in the high-temperature area of the dryer section, paper grades with higher requirements on the paper surface, such as special paper, tissue paper and high-end cultural paper, etc.

Main indicators:

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