What factors affect the bursting strength of cardboard?
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What factors affect the bursting strength of cardboard?

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We can often see a lot of cardboard boxes for shipping goods. Since they are used for loading goods, they must be able to withstand the corresponding strength. How to test the strength that the cardboard can withstand? The cardboard burst tester is Such an instrument, it is specially used for testing the bursting strength test of all kinds of cardboard and paper. So, what factors will affect the bursting strength of cardboard?


1. The bursting strength of corrugated boxes is determined by the bursting strength of the inner and outer layers of the cardboard and the base paper itself, and has nothing to do with the corrugated core paper.

2. The bursting strength of the base paper itself is mainly determined by the base paper fibers. The bursting strength is related to the fiber length and the bonding force between the fibers. The increase of the fiber length and the increase of the bonding force between the fibers will increase the bursting strength. The burst resistance of the paper made from raw wood sizing is higher than that of recycled pulp, and the burst resistance of paper made from coniferous wood sizing is higher than that of hardwood pulp. In addition, adding some additives appropriately in the process of making the base paper also helps to improve the burst strength of the base paper.

3. When the moisture content of the cardboard is about 5%~6%, the bursting value is the largest. When the moisture content changes in the range of 8~14%, the burst value does not change by more than 5%, but when the moisture content reaches 18%, the burst value decreases by about 10%. That is to say, when the corrugated box is stored in an environment with a relative humidity of 50% RH to 80% RH, its bursting strength varies very little, so the temperature and humidity balance treatment process of the sample can be omitted, thereby greatly shortening the test time.

4. The storage environment of base paper or carton is 25±5℃, 55±5%RH.

5. The long-term stacking of the roll paper in the warehouse will cause fatigue of the base paper fiber, resulting in a decrease in burst resistance. Experiments show that if the base paper is stacked for more than 3 months, its bursting value will decrease by 5-8%; if it is stacked for more than 6 months, the loss of bursting strength will reach more than 10%.

It can be seen that the different bursting strength of paper is caused by many factors, not only related to the composition of the paper, but also related to the storage method of the paper.




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